Feb 03, 2018

Minister’s wife gets 3 salaries ; President silent Featured

Information has surfaced about a minister’s wife who receives three salaries and benefits.

The relevant minister is also a person who had lost the election, but was elected to parliament on the national list.

This minister’s wife hold two positions as Chairman of two institutions, while she also collects a salary as the Coordinating Secretary to the minister.

She draws a salary of Rs. 75,000 as Chairperson of one institution, Rs. 20,000 as fuel allowance and Rs. 13,000 as telephone allowance

Further the said institution pays a lease of Rs, 258,000 to provide her with a Montero, which was never provided to any previous chairman.

Yet, the President is silent!

Although the President has been notified of this through several parties, he is maintaining his silence and avoiding the subject, it is reported.