Nov 28, 2016

LG polls after referendum on new constitution! Featured

The government is considering a postponement of the local government elections until the new constitution is adopted, says a top minister.

The new constitution will most likely abolish the executive presidency, a measure that will establish public confidence in president Maithripala Sirisena.

Such a situation will be advantageous for the SLFP at an election, loyalists of the president believe.

If elections are held under the present circumstances, the SLFP faction of president Sirisena will be relegated to third place.

A new constitution will prevent that from happening, they believe.

The minister went onto say that minority communities too, will rally round the president as the new constitution will address the national question as well.

That will go onto help him to become the prime minister at the next general election.

On the other hand, this will nullify interventions by Mahinda Rajapaksa too.

Considering these, the LG polls will be put off until mid-next year, it is reported.

The parliamentary committee reports for a new constitution were tabled in the House on November 19.

The constitutional committee report is expected on December 10, and it will be debated in January, after which a new constitution will be formulated.

Thereafter, the draft constitution will be submitted to parliament in March, followed by a referendum, ‘Ravaya’ reports.