Feb 04, 2018

Arrested Udayanga requests to be sent to Ukraine

Sri Lanka has been officially notified that former ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weerathunga has been arrested in Dubai for questioning.
He was arrested earlier today (04) when attempting to travel to the US using his Sri Lankan passport, unaware that his passport had been suspended on a court order.
Although immigration officers at the airport had attempted to take Mr. Weeratunga into remand custody, he had requested them to send him to Ukraine instead, claiming he is a resident of the country.
However, since Mr. Weeratunga has an Interpol red notice issued against him and is a wanted figure with regard to an ongoing court case, a request has been made to hand him over to Sri Lanka.
Meanwhile, officers of the FCID are to leave for Abu Dhabi tonight to bring Mr. Weeratunga back to Sri Lanka, where the required diplomatic formalities will be met to hand him over.
Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that several politicians have been making strong efforts to bring back Mr. Weeratunga to Sri Lanka before the LG polls take place in the country next weekend.
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