Feb 09, 2018

Aloysius complains of spinal issues

The owner of Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius has requested the prison officials to transfer him to the Prison Hospital due to spinal pain.

Accordingly, the prison hospital doctors had examined him and it was diagnosed that he did not have an issue that required him to be hospitalized.

However, they had treated him for his back pain.

Aloysius had also requested the prison authorities to allow him to get a mattress from outside of the prison but his request was denied and instead, he was supplied a normal mattress that is issued to prison inmates if required.

Meanwhile, so far except for his family members, no politician had visited him in prison, it is reported.

There are around 50 other inmates detained at the Magazine prison where Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena are being held.

pic-Roshan Chathuranga