Feb 13, 2018

Will Ranil step down? He had a meeting with president! Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena has agreed with the SLFP parliamentary group’s stand that Ranil Wickrmesinghe should step down from his position as the prime minister, said a SLFP minister.

Quoting the minister, BBC Sinhala Service reports the president and the PM had a discussion last night (12) at President’s House, where Wickremesinghe was asked to appoint a new PM from the UNP.

However, Wickremesinghe has responded by saying that his party was not prepared to do what the SLFP wanted, and that any party reforms should come within.

President Sirisena has said that he would not give ministerial positions to SLFP MPs who would support the UNP to form a new government.

He has also said that the TNA would have to abandon its hope of seeing the formulation of a new constitution if a new government was formed with its alliance with the UNP.

However, a UNP minister rejected the above claims by BBC Sinhala Service and said no such matter came up at yesterday’s discussion.

Karu as the PM?

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Calls within UNP for Wickremesinghe to handover party reigns to either Sajith Premadasa or Karu Jayasuriya

Meanwhile, there are calls within the UNP that Wickremesinghe should handover the party reigns to either Sajith Premadasa or Karu Jayasuriya.

Jayasuriya has told BBC Sinhala Service that he has not so far been asked to accept any position.

Noting that as the speaker he was not involved in party politics, he asked that that question be posed to the UNP.