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Feb 18, 2018

More members than labourers in some councils Featured

Some of the local councils will have more members than the number of labourers to maintain sanitation facilities and cleaning up roads in the council areas.

In most Pradeshiya Sabha areas of the Matara District, the number of labourers is less than the council members. The Devinuwara PS area will have 21 members, but only 18 labourers to serve the people, while in Akuressa 25 members have been elected to the council which has 24 workers.

Meanwhile, most councils are trying to rent places to hold meetings as the number of seats has almost doubled — from 4,486 to about 9,000. Menawhile the Colombo Municipal Council is to have its meetings at a BMICH hall, in view of the increase in the number of members. The council has 119 members while the earlier council had 53. With the increase in the number of members, councils are also to buy new furniture.


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