Feb 22, 2018

‘President not sick’ - Rajitha

President Maithripala Sirisena is not sick to want to change the Prime Minister, said Cabinet Spokesman and Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

He said this at the Cabinet briefing yesterday, in response to media reports stating that the President is planning on removing the Prime Minister.

He said although some parties wanted to remove the Prime Minister by showing a majority in Parliament, these elements had failed in their sinister plan.

We are in no hurry

The Health Minister said some media organisations carried on a huge media campaign for the removal of the Prime Minister, but when that did not materialise, they are now creating a hype about a Cabinet reshuffle.

However, he said although the media is in a hurry for a Cabinet reshuffle, they have no such hurry and discussions were underway to facilitate a cabinet reshuffle by the end of this week.

He further noted that after the Cabinet reshuffle the UNP and SLFP would sign an agreement again for a joint government, adding that after the meeting, ministers and MPs of both parties engaged in cordial conversation with the Prime Minister.

Here’s the reason for the defeat:

Minister Senaratne said he had mentioned in the presence of the President that the main reason for the defeat was that some were criticising the government while being in it and that he had never been part of such a government ever in his political career. He said the main reason for forming a unity government was to prevent such situations.

He said amidst such criticism and back stabbing, it is indeed a surprise that people voted for them to such an extent.

In response to media queries, the Minister said this government had come into power promising to catch the rogues of the previous government but when the same thefts were taking place during this government, the people thought both regimes are thieves, but at least the previous regime ended the war, and that is why they voted for them.