Feb 24, 2018

No ministerial post for Ravi!

Ravi Karunanayake was rumoured to be receiving a ministerial position in this cabinet reshuffle, but President’s office sources stated that he would not be receiving any ministerial position.

While prominent UNP ministers and back benchers were of the view that Karunanayake should be given a ministerial post, Ravi Karunanayake’s name was not included in the list sent by the Prime Minister to the President.

Karunanayake was removed from the post of Finance Minister due to his name being linked with the Central Bank Treasury bond issue, his name was not mentioned in the report submitted by the Commission appointed to investigate the Treasury bond issue.

He was also scheduled to make a statement regarding the matter in parliament, but he was not allowed to address parliament. However, he later released the statement to the media.

Karunanayake noted that the report had determined that the Central Bank nor the Treasury bond transaction was not under any of the ministries under his purview.

However, thereafter there was no objection raised pertaining to this matter.

Therefore, the UNP backbenchers have notified the Prime Minister that as Karunanayake had been cleared of all allegations and is not considered a suspect in the bond scam, it was unfair to deprive him of a ministerial post.