Feb 27, 2018

Diyathalawa bus bomb : Sgt. Major under suspicion

The Sergeant Major suspected of having carried the grenade that caused the bus explosion in Diyatalawa has given contradictory evidence to the law enforcement authorities, which has caused further confusion, it is reported.

Upon examining the CCTV camera on board the private bus, it has been established that the relevant Sergeant Major had boarded the bus around 1.05 am from Kandy.

It is also reported that the CCTV footage clearly reveals the suspicious behavior of the Sergeant Major and the explosion as he places the bag on the floor of the bus.

A sergeant Major from Saliyapura arrested

The Sergeant Major is a resident of Matale and a few days ago three suspicious persons had visited him at his home. Further suspicion had been raised about him leaving home on February 19 claiming to be returning to the camp but he had not reported to the camp, it was revealed.

However, one of the three persons who had visited the Sergeant major’s home has now been identified as a Sergeant Major attached to the Saliyapura Army Camp.

It is also reported that the Police had requested the authorities of the Saliyapura Army camp yesterday, to hand him over to the police.