Mar 07, 2018

"Social media block displayed incompetence of govt." Featured

Blocking social media including Facebook with the intention of curbing hate speech displays the incompetence of the government to solve the real issue, says president of the Professional Web Journalists' Association (PWJA) - Freddy Gamage says.

He was speaking with regard to the government's move to block social media outlets including Facebook.

He added that the 'social media witch hunt' initiated to cover up the sluggish conduct of the police, intelligence units and other government institutions.

"We are aware that the intelligence units possess certain technical strategies to curb those sowing seeds of racism in social media. The government resorting to other methods instead of using these strategies raise suspicions that the government is initiating a long-term media witch hunt."

The PWJA president said that a statement on this regard would be issued soon.

Govt. social media units in disgrace

Meanwhile, secretary of the PWJA - Kelum Shivantha says that a social media block was not even imposed during the Rajapaksa regime during their 10-year long rule. In this backdrop, the Good Governance government imposing a social media block within 03 years of coming to power cannot be approved at all, he said.

Noting that social media was a driving force behind the establishment and toppling of regimes in the recent past, he further said that this situation also portrayed the incompetence of pro-government social media units to build a public opinion on the relative issue.

In short, this has left the government social media units in disgrace, he added.

Noting that the PWJA strongly condemns media reports that incite racism, he further said that the website collective had been committed to promote reconciliation among the masses.