Mar 09, 2018

LankaENews visible again with mass VPN downloads

Online users have been indulging in taking jibes at the 72-hour restriction imposed on social media in Sri Lanka, mocking that the island nation is now eligible for two world records.

The records are said to be the highest number of VPN (Virtual Private Network) downloads during a single day and the widest range of globalwide IP addresses used to access social media from within Sri Lanka.

Also, data on Google Trends have revealed that 'VPN' has become a leading search term in the last few days. It had nearly come close to the search term 'Google' while even overtaking 'porn'. However, it is singular that the term 'sex' remained high in the searches. The basic data are shown here while an interactive map on the data are shown further below:

phor search

Meanwhile, with the increased usage of VPNs in the country, websites such as 'LankaENews', (which were said to be restricted within Sri Lanka) have become visible once again.

According to Google Trends, the popularity of the term 'LankaENews' has increased with the clashes in Kandy. It is also singular that the most number of searches are from the Central Province, where the city of Kandy is located.

Even president's official FB page is updated

Meanwhile, users are further mocking the fact that the official Facebook page of president Maithripala Sirisena has been updated even after the access restriction on social media was imposed.

An activist on social media added the IGP stating that the social media access restriction enabled to douse the flames of racism in the Kandy was also hilarious.

He added that a website steered by the President's Media Division had recently been continuously publishing news inciting racist sentiments.

Pointless move - Mangala

However, during a recent meeting with journalists, minister of Mass Media, Mangala Samaraweera said that imposing an access restriction on social media is a pointless move due to technological advancements.