Mar 10, 2018

International focus on violence! Featured

The UN and other international organisations, the US, EU and other powerful countries have paid special focus on the organised wave of crimes against the Muslims in Kandy.

These powerful countries have already issues statements condemning these attacks and have urged the Sri Lankan authorities to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of the Muslim population in the country.

They have also called on Sri Lanka to immediately take necessary action against the perpetrators.
Issuing a statement on March 07 regarding the violence unleashed in the country against the Muslims, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, said he was alarmed by recent violent incidents in Sri Lanka. He noted that those responsible for unleashing such violence against a minority is bound to suffer the consequences.

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Meanwhile, the US issuing a statement on the incidents in Sri Lanka on March 06 said law and order, human rights and equality should be meted out to all equally, while the government needs to take immediate action against those causing religious violence.

The EU also chipped in with a statement on March 08 stating that it is very sad to see the violence unleashed against the Muslims in the country and called on the Sri Lankan authorities to take action against the perpetrators.

Condemning the attacks against the Muslims in Sri Lanka, the Canadian government issuing a statement said the safety of all Sri Lankans should be ensured.



Meanwhile, Australian, Danish, Norwegian, UK and American governments have called on their citizens living in Sri Lanka to take precautions and ensure their safety.
The UNHRC had recently issued a warning to Sri Lanka to implement the resolutions agreed upon and as a result members to the Office of the Missing Persons were recently appointed and approved by the President, while the OMP Act was passed around a year ago.

In addition the Enforced Disappearance Bill, which was being delayed for over a year, was passed in Parliament on March 08.


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