Mar 12, 2018

Complaint to UNHRC against social media ban Featured

Ceylon Motorcyclists Association president Chirantha Amarasinghe says he has complained to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva against the ban imposed on social media use in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to Sri Lanka Mirror, Amarasinghe said he lodged the complaint on March 03.

The complaint says the order only resulted in the violation of the human rights of over 4.5 million social media and internet users of Sri Lanka which are to be protected under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It goes onto say that the local Human Rights Commission does not have sufficient legal power and staff to operate to truly protect the Human rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka and punish violators.

The complaint appeals to the UNHRC to conduct an investigation against this move by the President of Sri Lanka as the Minister of Defence and to make known to the world the neutrality government leaders must follow with regard to social media and upholding of human rights.

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