Mar 15, 2018

Harin’s secretary refuses meeting for FB Translators Team in SL Featured

The Facebook Translators Team in Sri Lanka says they thoroughly disapprove of the authorities’ refusal to allows its participation in today's (15) meeting with the visiting Facebook delegation. 

In a statement, the team says that they are Sri Lanka’s only collective formed and backed by the Facebook company as well as the only team involved to enable Facebook to be read in the Sinhala language since 2014.

The statement adds that although the team had sought an appointment from the Digital Infrastructure minister Harin Fernando to discuss the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka’s social media with the visiting team from Facebook India, the minister’s secretary had turned down their request.

It says the opportunity will be lost to discuss resolving language and other matters on Facebook and to initiate a dialogue on forming a social media network for the country.

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