Mar 19, 2018

Amendments to bribery or corruption act

The bribery or corruption act is to be amended to allow the prosecution of state officials who abuse their power for nepotism and intentionally act to prevent someone from being proven guilty to an offence before the law.

A main reason for the step is that bribery or corruption are not committed with the intention of gaining benefits, material or otherwise, to anyone.

The amendment will allow action against attempts to prevent the protection of wrongdoers by way of preparing fake documents, distortion of facts to mislead investigations etc.

Law enforcement agencies and public officials with investigation responsibilities will be governed by the new laws.

The absence of such a law has enabled the cover up of massive frauds and corruption, and at most times the related investigations end inconclusively.

Bribery commission commissioner Neville Guruge says the amendments will be introduced as per provisions in the UN convention against corruption.

It will be an important step to eliminate bribery and corruption that are rampant in the Sri Lankan society, he adds.