Mar 22, 2018

Life sentence for soldier & 3 others who killed priest

A soldier and three others who had killed a priest at a house on Murugamoorthi, Sanganai road Jaffna was given the death sentence by Jaffna High Court Judge M. Illanchelian today (22).

They were given the death sentence over the killing of a Hindu Priest Nithyananda Kurukkal in 2010.

The case was taken up previously at the Jaffna Mallakam Magistrate’s Court, and upon Attorney General’s advice, it was taken up at the Jaffna High Court.

Those who were convicted over the murder are Kasinathan Muhundan, Balasubramanium Shivaruban and soldier Peduru Gunasena.

The three defendants had used automatic weapons to kill the priest and had caused injuries to the priest’s two children and another person.

The judge sentenced them to 20 years imprisonment each for the injuring of the children.

State Counsel Nagaratnam Nishanthan appeared on behalf of the Plaintiff while Attorneys Shirmini Vigneshwaran and Joy Mahil Mahadeva appeared for the defendants.

Investigations were conducted by the Manippai Police.

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