Mar 26, 2018

Eight bullet proof vehicles dumped into the sea

Several bulletproof luxury cars and jeeps that were imported during the war for the security of Presidents were dumped in the deep sea area and destroyed this morning.

The eight vehicles were taken to the deep sea area with the aid of a naval vessel, and dumped in the deep western sea area, said Acting Navy Spokesman Lt. Com. K.K.C. Udayanga.

Prior to sinking these luxury vehicles, the communication equipment and other valuable accessories were removed from these bullet proof vehicles. As the repair of these vehicles would cost a huge amount, due to the age of the vehicles, it was decided to destroy them in this manner.

The Navy Spokesman said that as these bullet proof vehicles cannot be auctioned,it is a world accepted method to destroy them at sea.

The President’s Office had handed over the eight vehicles to the Navy, which includes the bullet proof vehicles used by the American, British, Russian and Indian Ambassadors as well.

In addition, an LTTE owned ship is also expected to be sunk in this manner shortly.

While this ship was auctioned on many occasions, it had received very low bids.

While the Navy had used this ship in the past, now it is not in a seaworthy condition, said the Acting Navy Spokesman.