Mar 27, 2018

'Forwarding an FB message isn't an offence'

According to the law of this country, sharing a certain message on social media is not an offence, said Attorney Prathibha Mahanamahewa.

He said this at a programme held yesterday (26).

He further said, “Today the government has deprived three children of their education for merely forwarding a message on Facebook and they are in prison under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. However, no one has been caught yet. It is not an offence to forward an email, according to the laws of this country.

When another child had hacked the President’s web site, he was given award after award and sent scot-free. What is this two faced policy and where is the legal fairness?

Don’t be silent:

If a state official is flouting human rights, then don’t be silent, speak out. Please record it and publish it on the internet.

No one can apprehend you for doing that. If a police officer is assaulting anyone, video it and publish it. No one can arrest you for that...”