Mar 30, 2018

A UNP govt. if SLFP supported no-confidence motion? Featured

UNP backbenchers have urged prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to form a UNP government with the support of minority parties after defeating the no-confidence motion in the event it was supported by the SLFP MPs in the government.

Wickremesinghe had meetings with his MPs, in small groups, in the past few days with regard to the no-confidence motion and the future of the party and the government.
It is a fool who will tolerate continued attacks – Harin Fernando

Meanwhile, minister Harin Fernando says good governance links would be unnecessary if the SLFP supported the joint opposition-moved no-confidence motion.

An angry Fernando made the remark to the media on March 28 in Badulla, where the SLFP supported the SLPP to gain chairmanship although the UNP won seven out of the 13 divisions at the last local government polls.

He said that whatever the leaders said and even if disciplinary action was taken against him by the party, he had a big question to ask as to why the UNP should be allowed to be relegated to such a low level.

Fernando said that as a person who did a lot to elect the present regime and the president, he was sad as to see the party was denied the opportunity to form the LG administration.

There are games within the government to bring the UNP to its knees, he said, and questioned the veracity of keeping silent any longer.

He added that it was a fool who would tolerate continued attacks and that he preferred talking straight.