Mar 31, 2018

Carbon tax from tomorrow : Vehicle registration fee upped

The new carbon tax introduced by the government will come into effect from tomorrow (April 01) increasing the vehicle registration fees.

The charge will be imposed at the time of annual renewal of vehicle licences based on the engine capacity of the vehicle and the age of the vehicle.

Accordingly, Rs. 0.50 will be charged per cc for vehicles under 1000cc capacity and less than five years old.

For vehicles between 5-10 years old, Rs. 1.00 would be charged per cc, while Rs. 1.50 would be charged per cc for vehicles over 10 years old.

For passenger busses less than 5 years old Rs. 1,000 would be charged while busses between 5-10 years would be charged Rs. 2,000. Busses over 10 years old would be charged Rs. 3,000, which would be added to their annual registration charge.

This new carbon tax was introduced at the recent budget.