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Dec 05, 2016

‘Thowheed Jamath, BBS both funded by single secret account’ Featured

Intelligence authorities have now established that during the Rajapaksa regime, a secret account of the defence ministry had funded Thowheed Jamath, Bodu Bala Sena and other Muslim and Buddhist extremist groups, ‘Sathhanda’ reports quoting sources at the Presidential Secretariat.

There is clear information to prove that Thowheed Jamath’s secretary Abdul Rasik Rafiquedeen was an Army intelligence member.

It was him who had given information in 2008 that a group of Mullahs from a foreign country were in a mosque at Maradana.

Coordinator was a retired major general

A closest ally of ex-defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, now a retired major general, had coordinated these Muslim and Sinhala extremists, it has now come to light.

He was also head of the special security operations committee that functioned on Gotabhaya’s instructions during the last presidential elections.

This committee had planned a conspiracy to seize power on January 08, but was foiled.

Investigations into the conspiracy made no headway.

Misled their followers

The secretary of Thowheed Jamath was arrested on a complaint by BBS secretary Galagodatte Gnanasara Thera, but both were in the pay from the same account.

The two groups had seriously misled their followers and provoked citizens into racial and religious clashes, the sources said, adding that strong legal action would be taken against both to establish peace and reconciliation in the country.

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