Apr 05, 2018

‘Shame on MPs who had no backbone to declare their stand’ Featured

The no-confidence motion would definitely have ended the political life of prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe if not for president Maithripala Sirisena’s intervention and the money swindled from the Central Bank bond scam, says convener of the joint opposition Prasanna Ranatunga.

The JO will not be discouraged by the defeat of the no-confidence motion, as it had been able to send a shudder through the government, and the JO will press on with its struggle to expel the PM, he told journalists at Udugampola.

The struggle to expel Wickremesinghe and the forces supporting it will be taken to the streets with the support of the people, he said.

According to Ranatunga, the outcome was the result of money swindled from the CB bond scam, due to the MPs who had sold their conscience for money.

The no-confidence motion was moved due to the disasters caused to the country because of Wickremesinghe, starting with the CB bond scam, and at the recent LG polls, the people showed they did not accept his regime.

Furthermore, Wickremesinghe cannot be removed as long as Sirisena remained as the president, he said.

The JO convener went onto say that Wickremesinghe would become more authoritarian now, demonstrated by the attack on Sirasa TV station last night.

Everybody is ashamed of the SLFP ministers who abstained at the vote.

People would think as to why they elected persons who had not the backbone to declare their stand, he said.