Apr 05, 2018

Angoda Lokka’s followers arrested 

Police had arrested four of  Underworld Gang Leader Angoda Lokka’s disciples together with a weapon.

The suspects were arrested last evening in connection with the killing of a person on March 19 at Galwarusawa road, Athurugiriya and the shooting at a house in Athurugiriya on March 26. 

The Organised Crimes Division had arrested the suspects from the Athurugiriya and Hokandara areas.

The suspects had in their possession the T56 rifle used in the shooting, 12 bullets, a magazine, motorcycle, three wheeler, two helmets, two jackets, three machetes, 2kg and 150 g of Kerala Ganja and Rs. 79,800 believedto have been earned through the sale of the cannabis racket, according to the police. The arrested suspects are in the ages of 24, 34, 36 and 37 and are residents of the Athurugiriya, Thalpe and Hokandara areas. 

They are expected to be produced before the Kaduwela Magistrate today.