Apr 07, 2018

Sri Lanka’s printing industry explores foreign markets

Sri Lanka ’s printing industry has been moving into a new era with many local printers acquiring combined offset/digital facilities to go global.

The industry is now opening its doors to transform the country as a global printing hub that would create more business avenues and much needed foreign revenue, President of of Sri Lanka Association of Printers (SLAP) Ranjith Fernando disclosed.

SlAP in collaboration with the Export Development Board will arrange overseas familiarization tours for Local printing delegations too, he said.

 They will be given an opportunity visit the Middle East and some European countries towards this purpose ,he disclosed.      

Print marketing and novel advertising methods are becoming popular as a preferred approach to interaction with customers, he added.  

Local printers will be made aware of the opportunities in the printing industry and they will be empowered to harness huge potential in printing by inculcating them with out of the box thinking, he said adding that SLAP will assist them in enhancing their business.

Sri  lanka’s Printing primarily caters to export markets such as Singapore, India, UAE, UK, Germany, Venezuela, and Maldives.

It provides a wide range of products to the export market, ranging from commercial printing to quality packaging materials such as tea cartons, garment tags, and labels which provides a supporting service to major export sectors.

Sri Lanka is yet to tap its printing market share fully and the association will assist printers to change their attitudes towards the mission of going global, he pointed out.

The country’s printing industry has an opportunity to cater to especially the Asian region due to its strategic location