Apr 07, 2018

Tomorrow, a decisive day for the UNP! Featured

The UNP will be able to come to a final decision with regard to the party restructuring by tomorrow evening (08), according to the party’s backbenchers.

Based on a pledge given by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to carry out a complete restructuring of the UNP, the tri-committee recommendations and proposals are expected to be discussed at length by the UNP Working Committee and the party’s group of parliamentarians, today.

Based on these decisions, all party positions and those suitable are expected to be appointed by the end of this month and amendments to the party constitution is also expected to take place. The backbenchers said a party conference will also have to be called in this regard.

For the UNP total restructuring, nominations will be called for all posts and the relevant officials will be appointed based on a vote. The party’s leadership candidate for the 2020 elections should also be named, while the recent amendments to the party constitution should be annulled and the 1977 UNP constitution should be re-established,  was the majority opinion expressed during  recent discussions.