BASL calls for independent probe into surge in killings by police



The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has called for an independent inquiry into the recent surge of fatalities involving police.

The BASL statement comes in the wake of a member of the public being shot dead in Narammala last week by a police officer in civilian clothing.

The BASL also criticised Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles, for stating that he would publish a list of persons who obstructed the ongoing Operation Yukthiya anti-narcotics program, which has drawn much criticism for its heavy-handed approach.

“It is evident that these statements, among others, made by a government minister, are irresponsibly misleading and detrimental to the crucial role lawyers play in preserving public interest,” the statement said.

“The justice system provides a vital check and balance and should not be attacked for the sake of political point-scoring. We vehemently denounce the use of divisive and deceptive rhetoric that undermines the rule of law and those dedicated to upholding it,” the BASL said.



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