Apr 14, 2018

Full cabinet reshuffle on April 23 Featured

A full cabinet reshuffle of the consensus government will be held on April 23, led by president Maithripala Sirisena.

The reshuffle was postponed as dividing of subjects falling under each ministerial portfolio are yet to be finalised.

According to an UNP representative , two UNP MPs who had lost their ministerial portfolios recently are to be re-appointed as ministers while, several state and deputy ministers are to be reshuffled.

Meanwhile, the vacated 06 cabinet ministerial posts, 04 state ministerial posts and 05 deputy ministerial posts of the SLFP are to be filled from within the party, at this reshuffle.

3 more UNPers to Cabinet?

Meanwhile, a group including minister Malik Samarawickrema had discussed with president Maithripala Sirisena on appointing three UNPers as new cabinet ministers.

Noting that state ministers Wasantha Senanayake and Palitha Range Bandara as well as MP Ranjith Aluwihare have been requesting for cabinet ministerial portfolios, minister Samarawickrema had noted that denying their request would lead to unnecessary problems being created within the UNP.