Dec 06, 2016

Gammanpila refutes Mangala's claim Featured

Joint opposition MP Udaya Gammanpila has refuted allegations by minister Mangala Samaraweera that the ex-regime had provided accommodations for the son of its defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at a Los Angeles home at state expense.

Gammanpila told journalists yesterday (05) that Malraj de Silva, appointed consul general in California in September 2013, rarely used his official residence, as he had his own house in Los Angeles.

Used only for functions, it remained mostly closed, and that was the only house in Los Angeles rented by Sri Lanka’s government, according to him.

It is false to say that it had been rented for the son of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Neither he was in the US in 2013, and he had been in Malaysia on official duty for his company, he added.

Samaraweera’s complaint

Samaraweera has lodged a complaint with the FCID, seeking an investigation as for whom a luxury house had been rented in Los Angeles at a monthly payment of 8,000 dollars during the Rajapaksa regime.

The foreign affairs ministry had rented the premises, purportedly for the Sri Lankan consulate in LA, but it had never been used as an office.

The minister submitted several documents and files which show that the son of a top official of the Rajapaksa regime had stayed in the house until March 2015 for his higher studies.

For that VIP son’s security, two Army soldiers had been deployed as his drivers.

Both had drawn salaries from the Army as well as the foreign affairs ministry, the documents show.

The ministry had also paid the electricity, water and television bills for this house, Samaraweera alleges in his complaint.

The ministry had to incur a further 10,000 dollar damage payment when returning the house after the present government took over, he adds.