Apr 15, 2018

JO to move a NCM against Sampanthan

Although parliament was prorogued, the Joint Opposition (JO) say that they will move a No-Confidence Motion (NCM) against the opposition leader - R. Sampanthan in May.

Speaking to 'Hiru News',  JO frontliner and UPFA Ratnapura District MP Ranjith de Zoysa had said that this issue is being discussed at length.

Speaking to the 'Irida Mawbima', he had stated that the JO intended to make a request from Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to secure the portfolio of opposition leader.

Noting that the number of MPs representing the true opposition has increased from 54 to 70, MP Soysa also said that accordingly, the position should be given to the JO to take up the true role of the opposition.

The issue will also be taken up with the 16 SLFP MPs who are crossing over to the opposition, he further said.

Meanwhile, former minister - Chandima Weerakkody had also said the portfolio of opposition leader should be given to the group representing the true opposition.