Apr 22, 2018

Hoof and mouth disease outbreak among elephants in national parks Featured

An outbreak of hoof and mouth disease has been reported among elephants and tuskers in several national parks, including Kavudulla, Minneriya, Somawathiya, Giritale and Angammedilla.

Veterinary surgeon K.A.S.S. Kalinguarachchi of the Giritale wildlife health management unit says he received a sick baby elephant from Kavudulla national park a week ago.

Samples from the one-and-a-half-month old has been sent to the veterinary unit of Peradeniya for tests, he says.

According to him, the elephants have caught the disease from the tens of thousands cattle sent illegally to national parks for grazing.

Caretakers too, confirm this.

A severe shortage of food soon

Dr. Kalinguarachchi said animals in national parks could face a severe shortage of food soon too.

Also, hunters enter on the pretext of looking for their cattle and kill the wild animals.

Ellephant Sick 1Veterinary surgeon K.A.S.S. Kalinguarachchi, Giritale wildlife health management unit

Ellephant Sick 2The sick baby elephant

Ellephant Sick 3

Ellephant Sick 4