Apr 22, 2018

Commissioner probing a Rs. 140m fraud, removed! Featured

An official who was to initiate a probe into  financial fraud amounting to Rs. 140m in the Co-operative societies falling under the provincial Co-operative department, has been removed from his post.

Mr. N.S. Sendheera - the Commissioner of Co-operative Development, Central Province has been removed with immediate effect.

When Mr. Senadheera was attached to the Provincial Health Ministry, he had refused to take up the post.
He had also requested former governor of the Central Province - Niluka Ekanayake to direct him towards an institution of the Central government.
Mr. Senadheera had said he was transferred due a the power of a prominent political force just when he was about to initiate a probe into the fraud.
Although a host of officials at the Central Province Co-operative Department had even urged the provincial Chief Minister not to remove him, he was removed anyway due to the power of the political influence.