Apr 23, 2018

Commotion over sari with Buddha image (Pics)

 A woman, who attended the New Year celebration of the Lidula Samurdhi zone in Thalawakale, clad in a sari with the Buddha’s image printed on it, had been criticized by crowd that had attended the ceremony.

This incident had occurred at the New Year celebrations held at the Holbrook Bellmore Estate grounds in Agarapathana yesterday (22).

According to residents, the particular sari with a print similar to the Buddha was worn by the sister of the Samurdhi Development Officer who had organized the function.

The sari in red had prints of the Buddha in yellow with red and yellow flower print border

Several of the residents of the area had complained to the police officers on duty who had in tern warned the woman not to wear such clothing that desecrate another religion. But, she had said that the particular sari was a gift from India, said the Agarapathana Police OIC – IP Anandasiri.