Apr 28, 2018

03 of the 16-clan to re-join govt. ! Featured

The delay in appointing the Cabinet is due to three of the 16 members who walked out of the government, having expressed desire to re-join the government, a senior minister had told ‘The Island’.

He had noted that discussions are currently underway to grant these three ministerial positions and this has delayed the cabinet reshuffle. However, this senior minister had said that it is most likely that these three members would re-join the government at the next parliamentary sitting or prior to that.

He had also said that in addition to these three, another group is in discussion to join the government, adding that if their decision changes and they sit in the opposition, it would cause a huge impact on the SLFP.

Cabinet revision on May 01!

Meanwhile, President Maithripala Sirisena states that the appointing of Cabinet Ministers would take place on Labour Day.

The President said this yesterday, subsequent to attending a religious event at the Dambulla Sri Walagamba Pirivena.

He also noted that through this measure, solutions would also be provided for the issues raised by the Maha Sangha.