May 03, 2018

President’s chief of staff, corp. chairman in bribery net (Update) Featured

Chief of staff of the president S. Mahanama and chairman of the State Timber Corporation S. Dissanayake have been arrested on a bribery charge.

According to police sources, the duo had initially demanded Rs. 580 million from a foreign investor who was interested in providing facilities for the functioning of Kantale sugar factory.

However, later they had decreased their demand to Rs. 100 million. They were arrested today (03) at the Galadari Hotel car park after being caught in the act of accepting Rs. 03 million of that money.

Take necessary measures - President
Upon inquiring of this from the Presidential Secretariat, a spokesman told that the Bribery commission submits weekly progress reports to the president and in one report, it was mentioned that certain officials at the Presidential secretariat too, were involved in accepting bribes.

In response, the president had ordered to take necessary action, regardless of these individuals’  positions, the spokesperson added.

Wildlife officer involved!
Meanwhile, it is reported that a wildlife officer too, is involved in the incident.

Dissanayake is one-time private secretary to ex-president Chandrika Kumaratunga.

His son is married to the daughter of deputy minister J.C. Alawathuwala.