Dec 08, 2016

New constitution with a clear public mandate only - president Featured

The new constitution will be introduced with a clear public mandate and in consultation with the intellect, president Maithripala Sirisena told parliament yesterday (07).

Joining the budget debate on the votes of the defence ministry, he said the public was made to have an undue fear with regard to a new constitution, and misleading them with falsehoods would lead them to further sorrow in the future.

He said the process was still underway and no final agreement has been reached yet, and that the reforms were open to amendment.

The president went onto say that no decision has been taken to weaken national security or the military, adding that the suspended foreign training for the armed forces has resumed, while they would be given international acceptance.

The budget has allocated funds for modern military-ware and technical knowledge, as small weapons could do very little.

Speaking further, he said the ETCA would be signed with agreement of all.

Nothing will be concealed about the agreement and it will be submitted to the cabinet and parliament before its signing, he added.