May 10, 2018

Additional March expenditure of govt. is Rs. 18.03 b

The government has presented its first supplementary estimate of Rs. 18.03 billion for additional expenditure for March in the second sitting of the eighth parliament.

The supplementary estimate was presented to parliament by government organiser Minister Gayantha Karunatillake in parliament today. The supplementary estimate was presented to cover the additional expenditure of the government departments.

 Of this the primary amount of Rs. seven hundred thirty-four million three hundred thousand was sought for the accounting of the transfer of ownership of the buildings in New York and Brazil which were under the Central Bank to the Foreign Ministry.

Further, the Foreign Ministry had incurred an additional expense of Rs. 85,149,000

(eighty-five million one hundred forty-nine thousand) for the purchase of vehicles to be used by the embassies in Oman, Manila, Dubai, Canberra, Yangon, Hanoi, Brussels, Riyadh and Shanghai.

The University Grants Commission has spent 1.25 billion for the Mahapola scholarships of university students.

Through the supplementary estimate a further Rs. 5,865,000 (five million eight hundred sixty-five thousand) was sought for the payment of rental for vehicles leased by the Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement ad Hindu Religious Affairs Ministry.

Through the supplementary estimate under several expenditure heads for the month of March alone, 18,034,478,900 (eighteen billion thirty-four million four hundred seventy-eight thousand nine hundred) was sought.