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May 16, 2018

PET Scanner useless has no radiotracer dye Featured

The PET Scanner donated by Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama by philanthropists cannot be used for PET scanning as the FDG radiotracer dye required is not available locally.

Doctors say this dye has to be imported from India, and that the health ministry is yet to place an order despite being briefed about it.

Presently, a team of officials are presently undergoing training overseas on the use of the scanner.

The one at the Colombo National Hospital too, is not in use due to the non-availability of this dye.

When contacted, director of the Apeksha Hospital Dr. Wilfred Kumarasinghe said the scanner would begin to be used from July once the trained officials returned.

He also said the dye required would be imported from India.

He said around 300 CT scans had already been done using the scanner.

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