May 17, 2018

Aniwatte tunnel closed for traffic due to risk

Taking into consideration the risk of landslides and the dilapidated condition of the tunnel in Aniwatte, Kandy, traffic and public access has been suspended, said the Kandy Mayor Kesara Senanayake.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday (16) Mayor Seneneyake said that the tunnel poses a threat due to its condition and as a result the decision was taken to suspend vehicular and public access through this tunnel.

The Mayor noted that the tunnel needs to be completely renovated and the renovation work could commence based on the recommendations of the professors of the Peradeniya University Engineering Faculty.

Currently the tunnel entry point has been obstructed due to a landslide subsequent to heavi rains experienced in the area.

 However, closing the tunnel would cause great inconvenience to a large section of the residents.

 The resident were used to getting to the bus stop at George R. de Silva Mawatha or the Peradeniya Road and with the closure of the tunnel, residents, three wheelers and pedestrians will face a great inconvenience.

 The residents of Aniwatte have been further inconvenienced by the stoppage of the SLTB Kandy South bus route due to the closure of the tunnel.