May 18, 2018

Skeletal remains surface from Mannar Sathosa (pics)

 Security units suspect that a mass grave site could exist within the Mannar Sathosa stores. 

The police had notified the Mannar District Judge M.M. Alex Raja regarding this matter who had ordered the police to commence excavations of the premises to be examined using a Backhoe. 

The judge had also instructed the police to engage officers of the Archeology Department in their excavations, while he had also ordered judicial officers to be deployed at the excavation site.

Human skeletal parts had been found from one spot of the Sathosa stores on May 16, while more human bones had been found during further excavations. Accordingly, if more skeletal remains are found, a part of the Sathosa stores would also have to be demolished , it is reported.

MNP 002

MNP 003