May 20, 2018

New move to oust Ranil? Featured

A group of UNPers are attempting to oust PM Ranil Wickremesinghe from the party leadership using several sections of the party constitution, the 'Lakbima' newspaper reports.

The newspaper adds that Mr. Wickremesinghe was appointed as party leader in 2012 for a 06-year period, which ends in September.

The group is holding discussions these days to secure the Working Committee consent, with the objective of appointing someone else as party leader during the next election within the UNP, the newspaper adds.
Is Lakbima owned by Thilanga?
The ownership of the 'Lakbima' newspaper is debated among many while it is widely speculated that the publication is owned by the SLC interim committee chairman - Thilanga Sumathipala.
However, Mr. Sumathipala, who was a major force behind the recent No-Confidence Motion moved against PM Ranil Wickremesinghe,  has not officially appeared as the newspaper's owner.
Backbenchers in a dilemma?
However, speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', an UNP bigwig said that there are rumours that the PM has not fulfilled promises he had given to party backbenchers in exchange for their vote against the No-Confidence Motion.

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