May 21, 2018

Senior not in factional politics as SLFP’s general secretary?

The president has decided to appoint a party senior who is not involved in factional politics as general secretary of the SLFP, say sources in the party.

At a meeting on May 17, the SLFP central committee decided to meet again, together with the national committee, on June 03 when the president will appoint the GS and other office-bearers temporarily.

The president has said that all future activities of the party should take place with full consensus, and without any vote taking.

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Change in SLFP office-bearers because of the groups in the party – Duminda Dissanayake

Meanwhile, incumbent general secretary Duminda Dissanayake has told journalists in Thambuttegama that permanent office-bearers would be appointed after the full reorganizing of the party due to take place by August 30.

He charged that the SLFP was having some office-bearers who do not really represent the party, but support the SLPP.

A full reorganizing of the party is not possible with such a group, Dissanayake noted.

Why they left the government

Commenting on the group of 16 that left the government after the LG polls, he said some might have personal expectations and took the decision in consideration of their political future.

Members of the group themselves should explain their decision to leave the government, he added.

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