May 21, 2018

"I too suffered due to the LTTE” - Rishad

After studying the market fluctuations a new pricing formula would be introduced for imported essential commodities, including gas, said Industries and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen.

He further stated that the market fluctuations in the international market would be taken into consideration every two months and a pricing formula would be introduced, he said adding that this would not affect the price of essential goods.

The minister said this at the Sri Lanka-China exhibition held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Responding to questions raised by the media on the war victory celebrations, he said, “I have great respect for the war heroes who saved this country and gave us freedom. The economy and development of this country is affected due to the divisions of the people. These people are divided by race, religion and cast. The war heroes who liberated this country should be commemorated in the North and South without any division. I too faced difficulties due to the LTTE. Hence, we should respect and show gratitude to the war heroes who made sacrifices to liberate this country.”