“We cannot oppose remembering those died due to LTTE attacks & in crossfire” – Chandrasiri Gajadheera “We cannot oppose remembering those died due to LTTE attacks & in crossfire” – Chandrasiri Gajadheera
May 22, 2018

Civilians too died in the north, Gajadheera agrees with Rajith Featured

“All those who died in the North are not LTTE.  LTTE attacks also killed people and there were also those who were caught up in the crossfire. We cannot oppose remembering them. This problem cannot be solved by trading attacks. The government should act to end the animosities between the communities,” says joint opposition MP Chandrasiri Gajadheera.

Speaking at a media briefing of the Socialist People’s Front in Colombo yesterday (21), he agreed with what minister Rajitha Senaratne has said recently.

Senaratne told journalists a few days earlier that it was not only ‘terrorists’ who had died in the wars against the LTTE and the JVP, adding that it was the reality anywhere in the world that even civilians got victimized in a war.

“A person not right in the brain is the health minister”– Galagama Dhammaransi Thera

However, another activist of the Socialist People’s Front, Ven. Galagama Dhammaransi Thera disagreed, and urged the president to ‘use his sword’ against ministers such as Senaratne.

The Thera noted that the president has said that there were certain leading politicians not right in their brain who cannot differentiate between the war hero and the terrorist.

The president was indirectly referring to Senaratne, whom he himself has appointed to the cabinet, he said.

People are forced to hear such ministers ridiculing our war heroes, said the Thera, inquiring if the country’s governance is in the hand of such stupid ministers.

Also speaking here, ex-MP Raja Kollure asked if PM Ranil Wickremesinghe boycotted, or was not invited, for the state ceremony to remember war heroes.

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