Dec 09, 2016

2016, a disappointing year - CaFFE Featured

Marking international anti-corruption day today will become meaningless if the executive, legislature and the judiciary fail to make a direct and honest intervention and if state officials and politicians do not make contributions, says CaFFE executive director Keerthi Tennakoon.

RanjithKeerthi 670px 09 12 16Sri Lanka marks the occasion following a disappointing year for the anti-corruption campaign, he says in a statement.

He notes the government failed in the past year to introduce a single piece of legislation as per UN benchmarks against corruption.

The bribery commission had come under criticism and its director general had to resign, while political interventions are common into FCID investigations, Tennakoon points out.

Expectations that the new attorney general will speed up related court cases have become mere hopes.

He adds that Sri Lanka had failed in the fight against bribery, corruption and wastage in 2016.