May 23, 2018

12 yr. old sexually abused while under police custody Featured

A boy has been sexually abused by an on-duty policeman as he had been under the custody of Welioya police, a medical examination has found.

Arrested on May 08 on a charge of having stolen roofing sheets, he had been kept at the police station until being produced before the Padaviya magistrate’s court on the following day, when the incident happened.

The perpetrator has threatened the boy that he would be shot dead if the incident was revealed.

Kebithigollewa district court judge Manoj Prabhakaran ordered the boy to be sent to the children’s home of the north central province’s probation department, where he told officials that he was in severe pain due to the sexual abuse he had undergone.

The probation officials immediately referred the boy to the children and women’s bureau of the police in Anuradhapura for investigation.

Its OIC Nishani Seneviratne recorded a lengthy statement from him, who was then sent to the JMO of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital.

Upon examining the boy, the JMO found that he had been sexually abused.