May 28, 2018

'Kavi bana' monk allegedly intoxicated & sexually abused teen

A prominent Buddhist monk known for his ‘Kavi Bana’ had been arrested by the Thelikada Police over the sexual abuse of a girl in the Uragasmanhandiya area, together with his driver and was released by the Baddegama Magistrate Dammika Hemapala on four personal sureties of Rs. 200,000 each.

The Magistrate ordered that further investigations into the incident be carried out and a report be submitted to court on the next  court hearing on June 06.

The suspects who were released on bail were a 26-year-old monk residing at the Thelikada, Sunandaramaya and his driver.

The victim is a 19-year-old from the Uragasmanghandiya area. The Thelikada Police said that the victim is believed to be a friend of the second accused driver. The victim was to attend a function in Hikkaduwa and the two suspects had offered to drop her at the event in their car. According to a spokesman for the Thelikada Police, the two suspects had given the woman beer and they too had consumed beer.

Later around 1.00 am on the same day the two suspects had tried to sexually abuse the woman and due to her struggling and turning the steering wheel, the car had fallen into a swamp, police investigations had discovered. The two suspects had fled the scene and the residents in the area had handed the woman over to the Thelikada Police. The vehicle was taken into police custody having retrieved it from the swamp in the Baddegama, Ginimallagaha area opposite the temple.

The suspects were later arrested by a group of police officers from the Thelikada Police headed by the OIC (Crimes) SI Amarajeewa.