May 30, 2018

Prawns worth millions, escape

Due to the overflowing of the Kadupiti oya, many prawn farms in the Thoduwawa and Iranawila areas have become inundated causing losses of over Rs. 120 million to prawn farmers. 

Due to the heavy rains experienced recently the Kadupiti Oya had overflowed flooding many of the prawn farms in the vicinity. 

The prawns and cultivated in the Puttalam district according to the zonal system. The floods had caused the prawns to escape just days prior to them being harvested for export.

According to the prawn farmers, the prawns in their farms were around 28-30 grams each and was ready for harvesting. 

The prawn farmers said that with the water levels in the tanks rising the prawns had escaped and some people had even been seen catching the prawns that had escaped from these farms. 
They claim that around 107 prawn tanks of an acre each had gone under water and the value of the prawns that had escaped alone is around 120 million. However, they claimed that the loss due to the generators and prawn feed that had been destroyed due to the floods had not been calculated yet. 

President Maithripala Sirisena had visited the area to access the damage caused by the floods and the prawn farmers had notified the President of their plight. The President had notified his officers to submit a report regarding the damage caused by the floods. However, the prawn farmers had told the President to provide them loans at concessionary rates in order for them to restore their flood damaged prawn farms and resume their businesses.

The prawn farmers said that while they had suffered a huge loss due to the floods and the country had lost a  significant export revenue. 

(Pix by Jude Samantha – Puttalam correspondent)