May 31, 2018

Virus fever to be controlled within a month

So far 13 children had died at the Galle, Karapitiya hospital due to the virus fever that is currently spreading in the Southern province, said the hospital Director Jayampathy Senanayake, addressing a media briefing at the Labuduwa Dakshinapaya yesterday (30). 

Most of the children had died during the month of May, while two of the children had died in April prior to the virus being identified. 

This virus could not be identified initially, and five adults too had died due to this virus at the Karapitiya hospital. Accordingly, the total number of deaths due to the virus fever stands at 20, it was revealed at the press briefing. 

The hospital Director said that under no circumstance have they tried to hush-up the  incident, adding that another ward had been emptied and converted into an ICU to face the current situation and all beds and equipment needed will be brought from Colombo. 

Meanwhile, addressing the media briefing the Southern Province Health Director G. Wijesooriya said this situation could be completely brought under control within the next month, adding that all measures in this regard have already been taken. 

This media briefing was held under the directives of the Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal de Silva.