May 31, 2018

Aloysius demeans Fonny

Minister Sarath Fonseka had admitted that Arjun Aloysius had given him Rs. 100,000 too during the past election season. 

He made this statement to the media yesterday (30) during a tour of the Kandy area, where he also visited the Chief Prelates of the Malwathu Chapter. 

Fonseka said that he had not used that money, but had given it to the supporters of another party. 

He further said, “There were media reports that my ministry was short of funds. But I did receive funds from the UN as well, but despite not having financial shortcomings, I must admit that there is a shortage of manpower, which we intend to address shortly.”

However, it is reported that Fonseka had obtained more financial assistance than what is has admitted. 

The names of many MPs who had obtained money from Aloysius is currently being exposed. However, it is to the amazement of many that Fonseka has admitted to receiving money from Aloysius under such a controversial situation.