Jun 02, 2018

Secret vote to determine parliament power! Featured

The Joint Opposition has decided to hold a secret vote on June 05 and would make a request to the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya in this regard.

The JO is trying to check their luck out in parliament using this opportunity, while the JO, SLFP and UNP have all commenced their operation for this purpose. 

If a secret vote is held for the appointing of a Deputy Speaker, both the UNP and JO hope to field their candidate and win the vote solidifying their dominance in parliament. 
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UNP to field Ananda Kumarasiri – Dr. Sudharshini Fernandopulle from the group of 16

According to a senior UNP member, the name of Monaragala District MP Ananda Kumarasiri is expected to be put forward from the party for the Deputy Speaker’s post.

From the SLFP group of 16, Sudharshini Fernandopulle is to be nominated as the JO candidate. A senior JO member said that talks in this regard had already been initiated. 

UNP backbenchers? 

The JO representative also said that talks would also be held with the UNP backbenchers who are currently disgruntled with the Prime Minister. 

He also said that discussions were underway with the 23 SLFP members who are with the government to obtain their assistance for the nomination of Dr. Fernandopulle. 

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 To appoint Buddhika Pathirana to the post of Deputy Speaker ...

Meanwhile, a UNP backbencher who played a prominent role in the restructuring of the party said that if required, they would nominate Matara District MP Buddhika Pathirana for the post of Deputy Speaker. 

He said that Pathirana was an active figure in parliament raising questions and participating in debates and he would also be able to obtain the support of the opposition. 

However, a party leaders meeting is scheduled to be held in parliament on June 4 regarding the post of Deputy Speaker.